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The Detroit Pistons infamously drafted Darko Milicic, which is one of many bad draft picks. Here is who they should have selected since then.

News that Pistons’ travesty Darko Milicic was returning to basketball had me triggered into the fetal position, where I sucked my thumb and silently sobbed into my Rasheed Wallace jersey, dreaming of what could have been. It brought me back to 2003 and the nightmare of the 2003 NBA Draft.

The Pistons, being the generous souls that they are, decided to forego a dynasty and let other teams win titles by choosing Darko instead of Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony or Chris Bosh. You’re welcome, rest of the NBA.

Since the Darko catastrophe, the Detroit Pistons have been cursed, generally choosing the wrong player in the draft, developing hardly any homegrown talent and passing on generational superstars that could have drastically changed the last decade and reduced the number of times I hurled a bag of Cheetos at the television.

When the Detroit Pistons training camp came to a close today some players decided to host a little dunk contest.
Another day of training camp and the Pistons closed it with a scrimmage. Beat writers reported on it, Markieff Morris made some threes, which is hopefully what happens in the season, and Derrick Rose was playing well, which is hopefully what happens in the season as well. The scrimmages have started and the season is near. You can read about it here:

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The preseason is so close that James Harden has already made a silly move viral playing in China, and the Detroit Pistons are in training camp trying to find chemistry with each other. So it’s nice to see them having fun with each other and showing off their athletic skills.

Sekou Doumbouya, the Pistons rookie, set things off with this 360 dunk coming from the left. Doumbouya is “let’s hope he’ll grow to 6-foot-10 and has the flexibility to make moves like this.”

Christian Wood, who is actually 6-foot-10.5 with a 7-foot-3 wingspan went with the under the legs slam. Wood is pretty athletic and agile for a guy his size. Maybe seeing him in training camp will motivate the front office to keep him. He certainly seems to be impressing more than Thon Maker so far. Preseason will tell us more.

Andre Drummond here, the veteran, went with the under the basket off the side of the glass alley-oop, making it look easy while doing it. Tim Frazier provided the assist as he’s probably the most accurate passer on the team. Hopefully, the Pistons season doesn’t come to a point where Tim Frazier has to meaningfully help, (meaning the Pistons guards will stay healthy) but it’s reassuring to see the Pistons have better guard options this year than in years prior.

Jordan Bone is an elite athlete. He fully displayed how fast and explosive he is at the NBA Draft Combine as Ben Rubin explains for the Stepien. He crushed all measurements showing a historical combination of test results.

So, it’s no coincidence that some of the Pistons players decided to host this dunk contest. These are some of the best athletes in the world. Of course, they’d want to size up and see who’s the best dunker. So, let’s rank them.

4. Andre Drummond
Drummond never even tried. He brought Tim Frazier in for the show but he just caught a ball and dunked it with ease. That’s what he does for a living. Next.

3. Sekou Doumbouya
As the rookie, he had to go first and he didn’t disappoint. He did a 360 windmill dunk which is very impressive by itself. However he didn’t have the elevation of the other two, so we’ll call him a close third.

2. Jordan Bone
Bone’s elevation and hang time is pretty amazing. He spins a full 360 on a vertical axis like a ballerina in half a millisecond and he explodes even higher than the rookie.

1. Christian Wood
But Wood jumps just as high and dunks it way more powerfully than the others, after having gone between the legs. That’s the crazy stuff that happens after practices in the NBA reminding us that even the guys that are fighting for roster spots are incredible athletes.

The Pistons preseason tips off on Monday against the Orlando Magic and the Piston Powered team is excited to bring quality coverage and analysis.

The Pistons went from being one of the best teams at evaluating and developing talent to one of the worst and this is the primary reason they haven’t won a playoff game since the first year of the Obama administration.

The Pistons have guessed poorly, been too conservative, drafted for need instead of potential or just plain gotten it wrong. And it shows, as Detroit features a roster with little young talent and hardly anyone that they drafted or developed themselves.

Ed Stefanski hopes to turn it around and draft Detroit’s first NBA All-Star since Andre Drummond and has done enough with the moves he’s made so far to warrant some amount of hope and patience.

The new regime may be off the hook for now, but the old guard has a lot to answer for after striking out in nearly every draft since that fateful night in 2003. I’ll let hindsight be my guide and tell you who the Pistons should have drafted every year since then.

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