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Colin Kaepernick joining the New York Jets makes sense to ESPN First Take host, Stephen A Smith.

Appearing on Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning, Smith told hosts, Ebro Darden, Peter Rosenberg and Laura Stylez why it could work.

“I was on First Take yesterday morning and on my radio show yesterday afternoon,” he said.

The New York Jets will be attempting history after the bye in 2019. Here are all the details and how the team plans on emulating Indianapolis.

The New York Jets haven’t been to the playoffs (cue Jim Mora here) since 2010 if they want to end the drought in 2019 they’re going to need to make history.

The green and white don’t have to look far to find inspiration. Back in 2018, the Indianapolis Colts started the season 1-5 and found a way into the playoffs with a historic second-half run.

Is it possible for the New York Jets to do the same in 2019?
New York Jets captain Jamal Adams said the playoffs are “definitely possible. It can definitely happen.” While franchise quarterback Sam Darnold said, “We’re going to go on a little run here. It’s going to be fun, but it’s going to take a lot of work.” – Via Rich Cimini of ESPN.

Certainly you need at least two things to accomplish this historic feat. Firstly, players have to believe and clearly they do. While the second thing you need is analytics.

Faith and hope is one thing, but if you don’t have the schedule it’s impossible to make filet mignon out of chicken s***.

Fortunately, the New York Jets also have the analytics on their side as well. Per NFL Insider Mike Clay, Gang Green has the easiest remaining schedule in the NFL.

The New York Jets are enjoying a bye in Week 4 but then will have 13 straight weeks of NFL action to close out the 2019 regular season.

The belief is there, the analytics are there, and the health is there?

So far this season the New York Jets have been snakebitten with key injuries across the board at quarterback, linebacker, and defensive line.

It appears that when the Jets emerge from their Week 4 bye that they’ll not only have a renewed outlook on the season but a clean bill of health to match.

Sam Darnold is expected to make a full recovery from mononucleosis, CJ Mosley is expected to return from his groin injury, and finally the No. 3 overall pick from the 2019 NFL Draft Quinnen Williams should also be ready to go.

Considering all of these factors, perhaps the Jets will be able to make history in 2019 for all the right reasons.

“I called for Colin Kaepernick to get a tryout immediately. The Steelers didn’t even have a backup after Ben Roethlisberger went down. Rudolph, Mason Rudolph goes in there and they’ve got to go and get somebody off the scrap meat. The Jets, Sam Darnold got mono, Trevor Simeon might have broken his ankle, we don’t even know who you’ve got now. Those are two teams right there that desperately need a quarterback.”

Three NFL preseasons ago, Kaepernick refused to stand during the playing of the national anthem.

“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color,” Kaepernick told NFL network’s Steve Wyche during the NFL’s preseason three years ago.

“To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

Kaepernick would later kneel instead of deciding to not participate during the playing of the national anthem before NFL games.

His refusal triggered other athletes like Los Angeles Lakers All-Star LeBron James, Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Chris Paul, NBA free agent, Carmelo Anthony and recently retired Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade to join their WNBA counterparts in becoming vocal about police brutality of minorities.

“There is no excuse why Colin Kaepernick should not be getting a call,” reveals Stephen A. Smith.

“I will say this though: I’m not sure if this is accurate, but I’m told that his agent has called many folks on his behalf and not getting returned phone calls. I don’t mean to be in somebody’s business like this, but you may want to rethink that agent because let me tell you something, it’s moments like this where you have to have someone with clout where they’re going to get their phone calls returned. You’re in a different kind of situation. And I’m not advocating getting rid of him because if you’re riding or dying, the loyalty matters; please don’t get me wrong. What I’m saying is: in our line of work, there are some agents who have more cache than others. There are owners and executives that are not going to ignore their calls because they do such big business with them, it would be in their best business and it would behoove them not to ignore those phone calls. That might be the kind of cat that you need making calls for you as opposed to someone who ain’t getting their phone calls returned because there is no excuse why Colin Kaepernick isn’t in.”

The fourth pick in the second round of the 2011 NFL Draft, Kaepernick set NFL records for the most rushing yards by a quarterback in a single game and for the most rushing yards by a quarterback in a single postseason.

He has a passer rating of 88.9, a completion percentage of 59.8 and has thrown for over 12,000 yards.

“He didn’t violate any laws,” said Stephen A. Smith.

“He certainly didn’t violate any NFL bi-laws and we know he can still play according to Nessa [his girlfriend] he works out everyday. Everyday! He’s on his grind, the whole bit! Does he deserve an opportunity? You’re damn right he does and I will make it my personal admission that I will repeatedly bring attention to that. That doesn’t mean that I agree with every little thing that he’s done. I don’t have to. You know? I agree with him kneeling. I don’t necessarily agree with the execution thereafter. But having said all of that, I completely support him.”

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