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While nabbing the franchise’s first championship in 1999, the San Antonio Spurs took a break to play two-on-two in the classic video game StarCraft.
The San Antonio Spurs‘ 1999 championship run signaled the beginning of a sustained stretch of success for the model franchise. Keying in on camaraderie above all else, the Spurs have always emphasized a team-first mentality while affording teammates the opportunity to build lifelong bonds.

One way that legendary Spurs Tim Duncan, David Robinson, Malik Rose and Sean Elliott bonded was through the highly praised video game StarCraft. A recent video resurfaced on the internet showing the foursome competing against each other in between games during their Finals series against the New York Knicks.

Reddit dug up footage of the Spurs playing Starcraft 2v2 between games of the 1999 NBA finals

the track balls mice, the old laptops the intro music, Timmy getting mad losing to the Admiral. it’s all amazing

Deep and well-coached, the Indiana Pacers pose a challenge for any team in the NBA. Can the San Antonio Spurs take the season series after splitting it last season?
One of the best teams in the Eastern Conference, the Indiana Pacers are solid from top to bottom. Much like the San Antonio Spurs, what they lake in star power they make up for in the depth of their roster and defensive intensity.

Much like the San Antonio, Indiana has always found a way to consistently tally up the wins. After trading Paul George away they were still able to put together a defense-minded team through smart moves in free agency and forward-thinking trades.

Even without their star Victor Oladipo for much of the season, the Pacers were still one of the toughest teams in the East. Interestingly enough the Pacers were able to come into San Antonio and steal a win at the AT&T Center last year. They split the season series with the Spurs by taking one in Texas and giving up a win at home later in the year.

Head coach Nate McMillan is one of the most underrated coaches in the league. His leadership, along with a few key roster additions, has elevated this teams potential ceiling to places it hasn’t been in years past.

Let’s take a look at the moves Indiana made this summer and how San Antonio can sweep the season series this time around.

The entire video provides a nostalgia trip for basketball fans and video game fans alike. Between the track ball mice, old fashioned PC laptops and 1990’s fashion, this clip transports fans back to a time before the Spurs’ dynasty was established to what it is today.

It’s interesting to see how the team bonded back in the day. This isn’t quite one of Gregg Popovich’s famous dinners, but gamers will always attest to the bonding power of a good old fashioned LAN Party with some close buddies.

San Antonio took care of the Knicks with relative ease, winning the series in a five-game gentleman’s sweep. Duncan won the first of his three Finals MVP trophies after averaging 27.4 points, 14 rebounds, 2.2 blocks and one steal in an astonishing 45.5 minutes per night.

At this point, it became clear that Duncan would be a dominant force in this league for years to come. Little did the Knicks know, The Big Fundamental’s amazing series came off the back of a highly competitive back-and-forth with his own teammates.

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